frequently asked questions

where do i start with my elopement planning?

Before you start really diving in, sit down together and start with the main points:
* What is your overall budget? What are your priority vendors? What is your budget for each vendor? 
* Figure out your location. Keep in mind that there are many places that require a permit. This is usually in National Parks and State Parks. So do your research on permits in the areas you're considering.
* Choose a date! This plays a massive factor into your elopement. Consider time of year for weather and consider busy seasons where there may be lots of people. Consider a weekday to avoid crowds as well! 
* Book your photographer and videographer. Just because you're eloping doesn't mean that you can't still have amazing imagery to remember the day! Photo and video book up far in advance. 
I  go super in depth with all my elopement couples. Part of my elopement packages include some planning. 

where should i elope?

Honestly there are so many amazing options out there! I'm biased and would vote the Pacific Northwest, but it really comes down to what aesthetic you're looking for. 
My all time favorites are: Mount Rainer, Mount Baker, North Cascades, Olympic National Park, Mount Hood, Glacier National Park, Rocky Mountains, and so many more. 

what is an elopement? 

Back in the day eloping meant running off together in secret. Now, it ranges from that all the way to flying to another country and making it a dream experience. 
Eloping can be with just you two or having some family or friends attend. Eloping usually consists of somewhere in nature and saying your vows in beautiful locations. 

The most amazing part is that you can do it however you two want to!!! 

What to look for in an elopement photographer?

There are a few steps to take when searching for your elopement photographer, and these are the MUST dos. 

1. Price Range. Elopement photographer's prices wildly differentiate based on many factors. Their experience, what they include, if they're local vs flying to you, etc. It's important to research the quality you want in a photographer, and figure out where you land. Click here for my investment page. 

2. MEET THEM. I can't stress this enough. It is so important to bond with your photographer. We are with you practically all day. Connecting with us plays a big role in how we can explore together and really understand how you two flow together as a couple. Get a feel of the photographer's personality and process. 

3. Galleries and Reviews. This is so vital. Seeing a couple full galleries can help you view how the photographer handles every lighting situation and all the creativeness they put into the day. An inclusive indoor photographer vs an inclusive outdoor photographer are very different. As for reviews, make sure there's lots of positive ones so that you can see how other couple's experience was. Take a look at all my reviews and galleries on my website!

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